“All the World's a Stage” - Shakespeare


João Leiria grew up performing on stage. He began his career in theatre (TEC, 2001), took part in some TV soap operas (“Morangos com Açúcar”, 2005, ” Podia Acabar o Mundo”, 2008) but it was music that captured him. As well as being a singer and musician (and also a composer) he never distanced himself from the actor’s role. He won’t limit himself to making covers so he gives his personal touch to each song, giving it his all.

He looked for other stages around the world. The guitar that always accompanies him is a witness to his long journeys, where he took in experiences that shaped his tastes and style.

2018 will also be a significant year due to the release of João Leiria’s first album of originals: “Home”. It offers a mix of folk, country and pop, sometimes reminiscent of Irish music.

We recognize in this project influences of Creedence or Mumford & Sons, and of singers like Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, Dave Matthews and Ben Harper. This debut album welcomes the participation of well-known musicians in our country. In John’s words, “I want to express my passion for music and I would like it to be an expression of gratitude to all those who, like me, have made their world their stage”.

A performance by João Leiria is always sure to fill the stage with life. And if you listen carefully through the chords of his guitar, through the contribution of all the instruments, you will always notice the rhythmic cadence of Molière’s strokes.

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